Student Projects
  1. Robin Rentrope
    Robin Rentrope
    Community Surveyor
  2. Aaron Rentrope
    Aaron Rentrope
    Community Surveyor
  3. Christopher Berschauer
    Christopher Berschauer
    Community Surveyor
  4. Candace Weathers
    Candace Weathers
    Community Surveyor
  5. Cody Friedland
    Cody Friedland
    Community Surveyor
  6. Richard Moorhead
    Richard Moorhead
    Community Surveyor
Meet The AZ Research Team
Here is our team from Arizona. Click on their picture to see their positions and names.
Our next research project will be published by January 2017.  You will find the results here!

Clark Country Survey

Project Liberty conducted a three day door to door voter survey in Clarke County Nevada during October 2015.This project was funded by a generous donation from a Las Vegas area resident.  Project Liberty students from the University of Oregon, University Nevada Las Vegas and Northern Arizona University participated under the supervised by Project Liberty National Director, Matthew Mathis.
The goal of this survey was twofold: first, to understand voter attitudes regarding a number of national and Nevada state centered topics. Second, to test our unique approach which encompasses having canvassers engage in  very long conversations with voters on their doorstep for the purpose of both building a relationship and to better understand what pushes their political ‘hot buttons’.
Highlights from this survey.
Voters in CD3 are largely undecided on choosing 1 of 4 Republicans (no Democrat was filed at the time)
Voters didn’t know about the legislature and Governor’s 1.4 Billion dollar tax increase but most would vote to repeal it
91% of surveyed voters had health insurance
Most voters hadn’t seen the Planned Parenthood video about selling baby parts and didn’t want government funding to them stopped
Hillary Clinton edges out Donald Trump,
Voters were fairly evenly split on whether government controls too much of their lives and if government should read emails and listen to phone calls without a warrant
Congressman Denny Heck is the favorite in the US Senate race though just as many are undecided.
You can download the whole report here
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